What We Do

We perform the standard notary public services offered by all Notaries Public in the State of New Mexico, but, in addition, we are certified notary signing agents. This designation denotes special training in the proper execution of loan closing documents. We can assist both lenders and borrowers by expediting the execution loan documents at times and places convenient to the borrower. We travel to most places, including courthouses, offices, hospitals, homes, or even restaurants. Prompt, courteous, and always professional, our service is exemplary!

Our Coverage Area

We cover the counties of Sandoval and Bernalillo in the State of New Mexico.

Prices and Services

Loan Signings

Our charges are periodically reviewed and realigned with the median fees for our area. There is typically a surcharge for signings that are scheduled within two hours on the same day they are to occur.

Standard Notarial Services

The charges for standard notarial services are based upon the current legal rate for notary services in the State of New Mexico.

Important Notices


Signers must have current identification, such as driver’s license, a New Mexico identification card, military ID, current passport, or other form of identification acceptable to the notary by legal statute.

Payment Methods

We accept cash, cashier’s checks, money orders for payment. Also, for your convenience, we can take payments securely at the bottom of this page.


Appointments can be cancelled without penalty within 1 hour of the appointment time. If an appointment is made and the signer does not appear, if one decides the services are not needed, or for any other reason, one fails to complete the business at hand, any accrued charges will be invoiced.